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5 Benefits of Glutathione Injections

5 Benefits of Glutathione, Longboat Key, Siesta Key, woman leaping, beach, health, wellness

Written by: Dr. Katrina “Kitt” A. Chojnicki-Hill, Acupuncture Physician

Glutathione injections are a powerful tool for physicians to use to support a patient’s wellness goals. It is a tripeptide and a potent antioxidant that has many health benefits, including anti-aging, weight management, lowering lipids, immune system booster, athletic stamina enhancer, and it detoxifies the liver. It also beautifies the skin, improves sleep quality, reduces inflammation, and supports emotional wellness.

It is important to note that depleted glutathione levels have been found in patients with neurodegeneration, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and bipolar disorder. One of the effects of the aging process is lowered levels of glutathione.

Glutathione is present throughout the cells in the body where it protects against oxidative stress. It also plays an important part in many of the physiological processes in the body. It regulates the immune system response and communication when fighting disease. It is part of a robust immune system. Meaning it helps to prevent you from getting sick!

It is possible to eat food to bolster glutathione levels with avocado, asparagus, and turmeric. Or eat foods rich in the precursors that the body uses to make glutathione such as lean meats, poultry, nuts, and seeds. Regular exercise can help stimulate the body to synthesize glutathione.

Be careful with the following glutathione killers: Lack of sleep and high-stress levels deplete the body of this antioxidant. There are also environmental toxins, alcohol use, smoking, and processed foods that will diminish the body’s ability to maintain healthy levels.

Glutathione supplementation is not for everyone. It is important to speak with a licensed and board-certified physician to see if glutathione should be added to your supplements.

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